Is February the new January? :-)

Hey, friends!

I took yesterday off from blogging. It was a topsy-turvy weekend, so I worked from early in the morning until about 1 p.m. on a project yesterday, then cooked for the week and vegged the rest of the day.

In the middle of my project, I apologized to my hubby and said I had no idea why it was taking me so long to revise, and he smiled.

“What?” I asked.

“You’ve been kind of distracted today.”

Ah, he was correct. I am either hyper focused or easily distracted when I’m working. I did notice I kept making random comments to him. But once he pointed that out, I was able to make a cup of tea and refocus and, in another couple of hours, I had it all revised.

I still can’t believe that my second novel is out in the world! My copies arrived late last week, and this morning I signed and put “autographed” stickers on a short stack to sell at our local coffeehouse. Over the weekend, two readers wrote to tell me how much they enjoyed my writing, and when you’re having a challenging weekend, that means everything.

I’m calling February my January, since it’s been “book, book, book” up until now. While obviously there are still book-related tasks to do, the hard part is over.

I sat down with a notebook and pen this morning and am plotting out the rest of my year, in big ways and small. Sure, I already have my “23 for 23” list (somewhere; drat it, where’d it go?), but now that this book is birthed, maybe I can spend some time reconfiguring, well, everything.

I have actually already completed one of the things on my “23” list. I had bonus points to use at a store, so I ordered a Nutribullet, something I wanted but knew I didn’t need. But hey, it was free, so why not? I like making smoothies for breakfast, and I wanted to get back in the habit. But I have had it for six months without even trying it. Because I put it on my list, last week I fired it up. It’s handy and does the job just great, but I will complain a bit about its capacity. I like to cram my smoothies full of veggies, and I think I’d have to make two batches if I wanted to get enough in. (I am aware that my blender could do just as good a job, but this one is more fun to use, and it has a handy drink spout so you don’t have to dirty a glass.)

I think in part because of my book, until now, I’ve put fitness on the back burner, a mistake. Yes, there have been injuries and minor health challenges to negotiate, but I could have done better than I have. I’ve been working out, but only sporadically. I got a text from the gym manager the other day saying he hasn’t seen me lately. I told him I’d be back in soon.

Today I messaged my incredibly fit daughter and asked her a fitness question and she sent me in exactly the right direction. While I did not make it to the gym yet today, I have already given myself a task that will take me right past it later, so I will have an extra reason to go. I’d say the odds are 80 % that I will go.

Writing can take a toll on your fitness if you let it. I’m the first to admit that. Hours of sitting, and, if you’re me, snacking to think over a plot point. Maybe with this newest novel I’m working on, I can put less pressure on it (because it should be a hell of a lot easier to write than the last one), and on myself.

I’m also really pumped today because I listened to Mel Robbins’ podcast episode today, and I’m a productivity fiend. She suggested somethings I already knew I should be doing but just haven’t been. Like prepping for the next day the day before!! (Let’s get those workout clothes laid out the night before, Drēma!)

BTW, on the Valentine’s front, I asked Hubby to take me to a wine and chocolate tasting. He said yes! And just in time – his dance card keeps filling with gigs. I’m happy for him and the band. They’re a fun bunch and if you get the chance, you should come hear them.  

Here’s hoping that this time next year I can look back at this post and say that I was able to reimplement my fitness routine at the level I hoped to. Here’s hoping that if February is also your January, you’re able to get back on course in whatever way you’d like to, too.


6 thoughts on “Is February the new January? :-)

    1. dremadrudge says:

      What a gorgeous, generous review, Selma!! I cannot thank you enough for your kind words and your intelligent, well-considered review. You said not to thank you, but I would be an ingrate not to! XOXO! Lovely!

      1. SelmaMartin says:

        Aww. good morning, sunshine. You are my bestie and I love to do this for you. I wish you so much success on this one. Gorgeous. Bless you and keep writing. You have a gift that lights up the world. xoxo

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