It’s All Relative

Welcome back to my blogging marathon, LOL! Here’s a link to today’s share. Don’t forget to go enter those giveaways!

Yesterday Uncle Randy and Aunt Brenda, his wife, came in. He’s my dad’s only remaining sibling, and his youngest one, too. It was fantastic to see them and to give them autographed copies of my book.

He and I talked about what he’s reading (H.G. Wells and Frank Baum, lately – I got to tell him that Barry and I know the however- many-great-grandson of Baum). He’s also turned onto Project Gutenberg, I was happy to discover.

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While I’m a little nervous about him reading my books (I warned him that they’re a little “spicy”), I was also so happy to see them.

In other news, I managed to get up way early and make my way to the gym. I thought if I made it there before six that I’d have more room and privacy. Ha! I forgot it’s still early in the year. I counted six people already there, and I might have missed a few. Before long, there were ten, and a group of three came in to work together with a trainer. They just kept coming.

As crammed as it was, I figured I’d be better off doing the cardio bunny crud first off to see if things thinned out in the meantime. Those machines are never as popular as the rest of the equipment.

The thinning didn’t happen, not while I was there.

I adore Meghan Trainor, and I opted to do a walking workout on the treadmill in which she led us on the walk and up the “hill.” There was NO music for the first twenty-five minutes. Her story about her life was cool, but not as energetic as I needed so early in the morning. And then there were three songs that pumped me up just as I was supposed to be cooling down.

I also did some leg strength work, though I had a very narrow area to wedge myself. It (kind of) worked.

Don’t get me wrong, I normally love the energy of a full gym. I like the sound of steel, the grunts, the conversation. The music. I like to see what others are doing to pick up tips. I am a sucker for any new equipment and think I have to try it immediately. I even really get along with the gymbros.

But nowadays, things are quieter at the gym. Most everyone has earbuds (as do I) and the music is backed way off. I don’t hear much conversation. And, for the love, please give me a patch of floor big enough for a mat and some dumbbells. That’s all I’m asking for.

After getting completely ready this morning, I found out that the coffeehouse where I typically write and work from is closed again today. So I’m at the library, which is a nice place to be as well, with the books as a cloud of witnesses. When I was here yesterday I had a fun conversation about an author and bid on a basket of books for their silent auction. I also discovered a decorative glass company whose work is featured in their display case. Very pretty stuff.

Anyway, I hope you will humor me as I list what I have already done this morning before 9:30 a.m. I’m doing this because all I can see at the moment is what I haven’t done. (I didn’t necessarily do these in this order)

  • Woke up an hour early
  • Made it to the gym
  • Stayed at the gym though it seemed crowded
  • Did a cardio and strength workout as well as a cooldown
  • Made a smoothie, including veggies
  • Drank a large bottle of water
  • Filled an ice tray
  • Washed the Nutribullet
  • Tracked my food
  • Weighed myself (why?)
  • Answered and sent a few messages/emails/texts
  • Cleaned the upstairs bathroom
  • Opened the gift I bought for my hubby for V-day and despaired because I’m not sure it’s quite right. Sigh. I can always return it, I guess. But the card is spot on, so that’s something.
  • Posted my writing and marketing goals
  • Finished scheduling my week
  • Packed a snack
  • Got ready for the day.
  • Put on (and slaying, if I do say so myself!) an outfit I put together last night – it’s the red boots that are doing it for me
  • Remembered to pack my umbrella
  • Meditated (fidgety meditating, but better than nothing?)
  • Walked to the library
  • Checked to see if the day’s virtual book tour post was up yet
  • Oh, and started on this post

I’d say that’s a list to be proud of.

The only downside to working from the library is realizing that they don’t offer caffeine and I didn’t bring any, just my water bottle.

Have a marvelous day, all!


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