Dreams of Sun Tea and Writing Outdoors…

Good morning! Thank you to today’s sharer on my virtual book tour, The Momma Spot.

I’ve been making sun tea all my life, it seems. The recipe is in the drink’s name, but the result is summer in a glass. Since I promise in the book description that Southern-Fried Woolf has plenty of sweet tea, let me make good on that promise.

Photo by Mareefe on Pexels.com

(Although now that I think about it, this is unsweetened tea. That’s easily enough remedied.)

                                                Sun Tea

A gallon jar. (When I was younger, I repurposed a huge pickle jar. Nowadays, I have one designed just for iced tea with a spout and a handle and everything, LOL.)

4 large tea bags or 8 small, any flavor as long as it’s Lipton

Fill the jar with water. Add teabags and any herbs you might like to infuse it with.

Place the jar in sunlight for four hours or so.

When you bring it indoors, take the teabags out and refrigerate the tea.

You can wait for it to chill (yeah, right) or add ice cubes.

When you want a glass, pour, add your sweetener of choice, and garnish with fruit or herbs. I haven’t added sugar in so long I’m trying to remember how I did it. Probably dissolved a cup in the warm tea before putting it away? Nowadays I use Stevia, mostly.

I will tell you a sad secret that I learned about making sun tea: you don’t actually need the sun. You can put the bags in the jar and forget it in the kitchen and yeah, in a few hours, you have tea. But if you use that recipe, I’m not sure we can be friends.



P.S. I know for many of us it’s still kinda cold out to want iced tea, but it makes me imagine the warmer days ahead when I can sit outside and write with a glass. I have photos of batches of my sun tea, but no idea where. Take pics and send them to me if you make any, please!

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