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Welcome! I’m Drēma Drudge, author. From reading cereal boxes on the breakfast table when I was a wee thing to reading my first chapter book in a mimosa tree which birthed my love for novels and twinned it with my affection for trees, the written word and I have been fast friends forever. I’ve also been writing in one capacity or another since I was about nine, starting with terrible poems and graduating to melodramatic stories in junior high. (No one explained to me then that my beloved books came from the destruction of my (almost) equally beloved trees!)

Mercifully, I eventually discovered that there are books, classes, and programs on writing and I learned how to write! Now I have an MFA in Creative Writing.

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I’m married to the incomparable Barry Drudge, musician (and writer) extraordinaire. We have two grown children, and we live in a charming small town filled with plenteous, splendid, trees and wide Victorian homes.

Barry and I have been privileged to travel to some really cool places. My first novel ended up being written in six countries! As a result of our travels, I’ve ended up writing in some fascinating, gorgeous places, such as sitting in a pew in the Pantheon in Rome and writing in Recoleta Cemetery in Argentina. I’ve visited the homes, birthplaces, and graves of many of my writing and art heroes and have often had the opportunity to write in or about those very places, something my younger self never imagined possible.

Greece 2015 044

Hubby Barry and me in Greece.

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