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Welcome to Artful Fiction. I aim to entertain, educate, and inspire with literature and art dolloped with whimsy. Click here and I’ll send you my FREE historical fiction short story, “Collioure Shall Always Be Collioure” the tragic story of artist Olga Meerson, student of Henri Matisse.

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Olga Meerson

I’m an author, reader, and art enthusiast.

In March 2020, my debut novel, Victorine, was released.

In November 2020, I completed my second novel, Briscoe Chamber’s Southern Fried Woolf. It’s currently making the rounds. (More on it when I know more.)

Also in November 2020, I began my third novel, a reimagining of a classic writer’s life. Alas, it’s way too early to talk about it, but I’m excitedly pounding out a draft.

I also work with a limited number of writing clients.

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