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“The Arts are sisters to the senses.” Victorine by Drēma Drudge.

Victorine, the novel, is now available! Watch the trailer below.

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Here’s one of my husband, Barry Drudge’s songs he wrote for this album. Warning: it will leave you wanting more! But the album is not available for sale just now. Check back soon.

I LOVE the cover. It perfectly fits Victorine’s personality: bold, libertine, and artistic; she refuses to give anything away with her gaze.

Victorine Meurent was first depicted as the young girl she was by Manet in 1862, but his paintings of her quickly escalated into more and more exciting and scandalous art: a street singer. A bullfighter. Most famously she was depicted as the fully naked sex worker in Olympia, a painting that had many a patron of the Paris Salon attempting to do it harm with canes and sticks until it was moved out of reach.

So I took the few facts we know about Victorine, paired them with some investigative work and a deep dive into Parisian culture of the mid 19th century, and wrote a novel with boxing, catacombs, love, loss, sex, art and more art. This all featuring some of the most well-known characters of Paris of the time, filtered through the eyes of Victorine, wild, soulful, passionate Victorine.

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Olga Meerson

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