Cake and Guitars: “Signs” of the Times

Feeling hungry? There’s an interview with me over at A Slice of Cake. Many thanks to Claire for interviewing me. (And why do I now find myself craving cake?? Eh, who am I kidding – I’m always craving cake.)

Let me tell you a cute Nashville story that Barry said I can share.

I mention Gruhn Guitars in my novel. That’s a destination for guitar lovers who visit Nashville, obviously. Barry’s childhood bestie and his children visited us while we lived in Nashville, and of course we all went to Gruhn. As we entered the store, I began counting the signs that said not to pick up the guitars without permission. There were over 20 signs!

As Barry and Jeff exclaimed over the guitars, I told the kids (ours were there, too) to watch how long it would take Barry to pick up a guitar without permission.

(This picture is of the guys rocking out in 2017. Look at Barry’s hair. Hubba, hubba!)

Soon Barry had a 1928 Martin 00-14 in his hands, and a worried salesperson came over and asked him if he needed help.

The kids and I burst out laughing and showed Barry one of the signs. He claims not to have seen ANY of them.

The store has since moved to a new location, so they might not still have those signs up, but I know one guy who for sure didn’t let the signs stop him and might not have if he had seen them.

Another guitar shop that is “named” in my novel is Chambers Guitars. What’s Michael’s last name? Chambers! (Michael is not meant to be related to Joe and his family. The name is merely an homage.)

Here’s hoping your day contains music and more,


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