Guess Who’s Reuniting to Celebrate My Book??

So many thanks to “Books With a Chance” for sharing a gorgeous photo of SFW on my book tour. I’m always grateful when someone spends time with my book.

Okay, the news I hinted at is now official: Shilo the country band that husband Barry was in over a decade ago is reuniting to celebrate the release of Southern-Fried Woolf! Locals, come hear them Saturday, April 29, 2023, at The Post in Pierceton, Indiana. And, by the way, this author will be there selling and signing books. 😉

I can’t tell you how touched I am that these former band members have agreed to do this. I was on a book marketing call when this idea came to me. Barry and I were on a getaway for my birthday over this past Thanksgiving, so he was in the hotel room while I was on the call. I texted him that I was about to suggest something that I hadn’t discussed with him. When I told him what I had in mind, he wrote back “Oh my…fun!” He was in.

Here’s a promotional video of them just before Barry joined.

 Shilo had tons of regional success, and had offers to go on extended international tours several times, but it just didn’t work with enough of the members’ lives at the time, if I remember correctly.

I remember Barry calling me from the Naval Air Station Miramar in San Diego where they were doing a show back in the day. (That’s where they filmed the original Top Gun, btw.) They traveled all over, but that’s a trip that sticks in my mind because of its ties to the iconic movie.

While I can’t wait to share my book with a wider audience during this concert, I’m also a fan, so I can’t wait to hear them together again. I’m happy to have instigated this reunion. For the record, they are having a ball planning it, which does my heart good. Here’s a poster of them from a while back. More promotional materials to come.

More soon.


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