Literary Journal Submission Etiquette: An Interview with Elizabeth Burton; Prelaunch Update

Everything is in prelaunch mode over here at Southern-Fried Woolf central; I’m getting really excited to share her with the world in January 2023. I’ve just booked a blog tour which will run for an entire month from the week before she launches to, auspiciously, my departed father’s birthday. (I didn’t set the exact tour dates, that was the promoter, so I’m taking that as a good omen.) This will include a Bookstagram and Booktok blitz among other literary stops. Fun!

I’m also gearing up to order my ARC’s. I’m stressing over the little things left to do and yet it’s more like lovingly obsessing versus stressing. Pity my husband; I’m talking as fast as Lorelai on Gilmore Girls these days as I try to remember all that I want and need to do while prepping for the holidays, on and on. But then I’m someone who’s happiest when she’s busy.

Also, I’m doing a newsletter swap with a talented historical fiction writer who ALSO writes about art. Sound familiar? I’ll be sharing about her latest novel, set in Paris, in my newsletter right after Thanksgiving, so if you haven’t subscribed, here’s a nudge. I love getting notes and book suggestions from my subscribers! (I’d tell you who the guest author is, but then what incentive would you have to subscribe? Besides writing news from little ol’ me. LOL.)

In the meantime, here’s a link to our latest MFA Payday episode with Round Table Literary Journal Editor Elizabeth Burton. You might hear birds and such in the background; she’s an animal lover extraordinaire. What a delight it was to speak with her. And if you’re a writer, Round Table is open to submissions right now. Go submit. I’ll wait. 😉



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