Write. Read. Beach. Repeat. Freewrite.

My dream of taking my Freewrite to the beach came true over Labor Day weekend! And let me say, I’m here for it!

It was as wonderful as I thought it would be. I needed to write a seaside scene, so obviously this was the perfect time and place to write one. The weather was just right: sunny, high 70’s. The waves played melodiously in the background. I wrote probably two pages in a daze, smiling, perfectly happy. Then I remembered to turn off the WIFI, because…beach. Except being still somewhat unfamiliar with my gadget, I actually turned the whole Freewrite off. And when I turned it back on, nothing was showing up. NOTHING!

Thankfully I had already backed up everything except the day’s work, but my understanding was that whatever I wrote would be stored locally on the beast and would be uploaded when I got back into WIFI land, even if I did turn it off.

I had “lost” only maybe two pages, but still. I had hopes for it being accessible in the future but just in case there on the beach I opened a new file and wrote a couple of lines reminding myself what the scene had been about. Of course, I wasn’t going to get that particular slant of sun again. I wasn’t going to imagine our lady sighing by the sea in quite the same way. I wouldn’t see the light dancing over the waves just so. But I could recapture something of it. (I try not to be precious about my writing.)

A fun little beachscape I created to keep the beach with me just a little longer.

Instead of rewriting the scene, I continued down a couple of other paths. That was easy enough to do since my book encompasses three distinct time periods. (I’m liking the variety.)

When we had been in the sun long enough (is that possible?) and had returned to where we were staying, I tried to hook my Freewrite up to WIFI. Nope. I checked Google drive. My day’s work wasn’t there either.

I asked the internet what to do. Someone had a LOOONNNGG convoluted idea of what might help. I figured I was only going to do that if I absolutely had to. Someone else said do this and then do that. So, I did, and voila! Not only did I save what I had written later at the beach, but…the scene I thought was totally lost was back! Yay!

I still highly recommend the device if you like to write and want to get free from the internet. It’s nearly perfect for that. I think my “problem” with it wasn’t a real problem at all, just my understanding of how it works. And I’m now at page 102 of my newest novel, something I attribute to that.

In other beachy news, I managed to read not one but TWO books over the holiday weekend. Taylor Jenkins Reid blessed us with another novel, Carrie Soto is Back, that downloaded to my Kindle just before we left for the beach. It is every bit as good as her other books. (Maybe not quite as good as Daisy, but what could be?) By the book’s end, I found myself wishing I play tennis. I don’t.

My biggest “tennis” moment (it was actually badminton, but close enough) was in college when my instructor said I would be a fantastic doubles partner. Translation: I suck at serving. But I do return volleys like no one’s business. That wasn’t enough to make me want to pursue it; I dropped the course out of embarrassment.

Anyway, whatever fairy dust Taylor Jenkins Reid has had sprinkled on her, I want me some! I’m not telling you what her latest book is about just because if you’re a fan, you’re going to read it. If you’re not, I’m not in the business of making book converts today. I’m too tired. It involves tennis, and Carrie Soto is back. See if you can crack that code. LOL.

The second book I read is Crime Junkie podcast co-host Ashley Flowers’s debut novel, All Good People Here. She’s from Indiana (where I live), and when I heard she had a book coming out, I had to buy it. It was a fast read featuring a fictional crime reminiscent of the JonBenét Ramsey case. If you like true crime, you’ll find this book engrossing.

Write. Read. Beach. Repeat. Freewrite. Forever.

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