Mourn No More for the Dinosaurs

A character in my newest novel is writing poetry. Didn’t ask him to, didn’t expect it. But there it is. I sent Hubby an email the other day telling him that my MC just found a poem that Eric wrote with the line “Mourn no more for the dinosaurs.” (Yup, I think it’s cheesy on its own, too. He’d better explain.)

“Who’s Eric?” Barry asked. LOL. Just a friendly reminder, folks, that our characters aren’t as real to others. As least not initially.

As to what that line of poetry means, I haven’t asked Eric yet, but I suspect I know. Just between us, I have an inexplicable grudge against dinosaurs. A few years ago, Barry and I were traveling to Michigan for a week of classes he was taking. For at least an hour of our travel time, I ranted about dinosaurs. I can’t go into it without sounding completely irrational, but I think it came from a mandatory trip to Kings Island just before then.

I’ll say more. Barry had to either go to Kings Island for a work perk or work the whole weekend. Because rules. Didn’t make any sense to me, either. And while I hadn’t been to Kings Island since sixth grade and we are not in general theme park goers, I didn’t hate going. Just don’t ask me about the Backlot Stunt Coaster we got on. Barry said he wasn’t worried about me while I was screaming, but once I went quiet, he was scared.

You know what, I checked that ride out on YouTube later, and it’s only just over a minute long. Had I known that I wouldn’t have been so scared. Didn’t help that as we were getting into our car, they were hosing one down where someone had…well, you know. After that he took me on some fun cartoon ride and then we did the Dinosaurs Alive! walk. Hence the grudge.

Nope, still can’t explain it, though I think it has something to do with how really alive they looked, and how sad I was for them and how I wonder if we are speeding towards our own extinction. The fragility of life, that kind of thing.

I am engrossed in this novel I am writing. Because I have a deadline for the first fifty pages in the next few days, I am focusing on polishing those at the moment. Naturally I shifted the plot yesterday a teensy bit which requires some transitions and the addition of a scene. Dang it. But I think I can do it in time.

I’m writing a literary mystery, my first attempt at one, and I am jazzed! My “research” for it has included re-reading A.S. Byatt’s Possession and re-watching The Chair on Netflix. I’ll take any excuse to do either of those!

While I know there is only one A.S. Byatt, I’m going to write what I call a light literary mystery based on what I believe to be real missing literary items. Not ready to say more yet, but I’m enjoying the journey!

Speaking of journeys, my mindset coach and I have been working on scheduling my calendar for three weeks now as Barry and I finish up a pet project. Phase one is pretty much done. I’ll share some about that in the coming weeks.

I know the coach will be pleased when I tell her that I feel as if I FINALLY have the scheduling thing down. (Shorthand – if you haven’t used Monday Hour One for scheduling your life, give it a try. Just google it. But also, don’t be me: be sure to add in the things you WANT to do first. Don’t resist that. Just do it. You were not born to be a workhorse. Got it? )

P.S. My second novel, Southern-Fried Woolf, is coming January 2023. Expect more about it, including an excerpt, in early October if not sooner. Salute!

Copyright Drēma Drudge, 2022. All rights reserved.

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