A Writing Checklist


I wrote this recently and shared it with my husband. He asked if he could have a copy, which surprised me, because I didn’t know anyone else would be interested in it. But if any of you find it useful, feel free to make this yours as well. Just if you share it, give me credit. 🙂

For me this is more my philosophy of writing than a nuts and bolts list, although there are a few of those on there.

A Writing Checklist

By Drema Drudge
1. Have I engaged all of the senses?
2. Have I built anticipation and tension?
3. Have I created a plot that leads to the answer of a question?
4. Have I resisted the urge to describe too much?
5. Does every word belong?
6. Have I considered the sound and cadence of my words?
7. Do my characters live?
8. Are my characters complicated?
9. Do they make us see the world in a new way or in a new light? Do they confirm something?
10. Have I created a world?
11. Have I done adequate research, if applicable?
12. Have I taught and/or entertained my readers?
13. Does this work of mine make the world a more complete place?
14. Have I portrayed a facet of truth?
15. Is this my best effort?
16. Have I been fearless?
17. Have I attempted to address any weaknesses in grammar, style, etc.?
18. Have I been open to criticism and feedback from my beta readers without compromising?
19. Is my work original in every way?
20. Am I writing work that engrosses me?

What is on your checklist, mental or written?

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