And that’s a Wrap on Orlando!

I was going to write one last post about Orlando by Virginia Woolf until I saw this gem on YouTube. It’s quite the fun LEGO-fueled take. It’s Orlando told in eleven minutes. Enjoy! I’m not at all sure I can add anything to it.

No, the above isn’t an ad. It’s a screenshot from Orlando to Go.

Our Autumn of Woolf has lost its leaves and unintentionally extended into winter. Because of that, I have decided to hold off on discussing A Room of One’s Own indefinitely. And because I’m currently using that room of my own to write my third novel, and novels take lots of coddling.

Thank you for being here with me during these last few months. They’ve been lovely.

Let’s read again together soon!

Mrs. Dalloway Sighting

Here’s a little holiday time reading about Mrs. Dalloway, via the New York Times Books Update, just for you.

I know, I know: we’re reading Orlando. But I thought you’d enjoy this piece by Micheal Cunningham, author of The Hours.

Santa brought me an armload of books I’m eager to taste, but I was in the middle of re-reading Madame Bovary, so I’ve spent Christmas finishing that.

I’m thinking of giving the whole weekend over to reading. Are you reading today? What about this weekend?

P.S. Hubby and I have been together so long that this year we ended up buying one another the same card! (Yes, I like cards for every occasion!! )

Here We Go Orlandoing!

We are still reading Orlando, aren’t we? I know I am, and I hope you’re enjoying the journey as much as I am. What a simultaneously entertaining and philosophically engaging novel this is.

Here’s an article from Vulture that reminds us why this is such an important novel, especially for the past few years. It’s worth a read, for sure.

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And let me know how you’re doing with Orlando.