Day Six: This is What Saturday Looks Like

Hey there, friends!

This is Day Six of ye olde blog tour. The lovely Kat of Cornwall, England, has shared about my book on her website, and I’m so grateful. Yes, please sign up for prizes and read chapter one if you haven’t yet over there! And thank you, Kat!

Today, Barry and I recorded a podcast episode with historical romance author Anne Armistead, another writer friend. (The episode will be out as soon as I can find time to edit it, so probably the middle of February? We try to put one out every two weeks.)

She, too, visited Paris this year, and we were able to compare visiting in June (which we did) versus in November, which is when she visited.

My dear husband is filling his schedule up before and around V-day with band gigs. I told him I suppose that’s okay, but he’s going to owe me when he does have some time off. Where should I make him take me? We went to Chicago one year for Valentine’s Day. (This was supposed to be his “dad band” phase where he only plays a few times a year. Hmmm…LOL.)

My copy of Radical Woman by Maggie Humm came in today. I love the look and feel of it. I have a feeling that tomorrow, while DH and his merry men practice music, I will be reading.

I’m working on a longer post for tomorrow. I just don’t want to rush it tonight.

Have a marvelous evening!



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