Goodbye, Gatekeepers: Self-Publishing Advice from Ashley B. Davis

Barry and I were so honored to have Ashley B. Davis on our podcast talking with us about self-publishing and her debut novel, The Space Between You and Me. What a fun, informative interview! I got to know Ashley over on Twitter some years ago, and now count her as a writing bestie. 🙂 You’ve seen her comments over here on many a post, so she’s no stranger to you. I’m so pleased that Barry and I had the opportunity to interview her and get to know her “face to face” via Zoom!

Her book is a must-read! She’s so talented and her work is absolutely engrossing. Please do yourself a huge favor and BUY THIS BOOK!!

Take a listen!


Ashley B. Davis writes the ordinary and extraordinary. She has poetry and short work appearing in Trembling With Fear, The Grey Rooms Podcast, Months to Years, Liquid Imagination, Jamais Vu, and Eunoia Review. An avid reader and sometimes artist, she uses her English degree to openly discuss the creative process at

The Space Between You and Me is her debut.

When she is not living in fictional worlds, she lives with her spouse, her seven-year-olds, and her two rescue cats in southern California, where she manages rental property.


For fans of Carry On and Stranger Things this heart-wrenching coming-of-age debut explores magic, family, and best friends finding love in a world that wants to tear them apart.

Apollo is used to not fitting in. His dad isn’t magikalis. His mom believes in Tarot for god’s sake. And since kissing his best friend and setting fire to their friendship, he’s been slumming it with the Wolves, the outliers of his magical community.

Jonah helps his parents out with his siblings, helps his girlfriend with her homework, and maybe squeezes in a good book between baseball and maintaining his grades. He has determinedly not been thinking about his ex-best friend and the kiss they shared.

But it’s impossible to forget said ex-best friend when he is also your Kindred. Though their magic only stirs to life when they touch, Jonah and Apollo would be separated for the safety of the community if anyone found out they were Kindred.

They put the past behind them when Apollo shows up in the middle of the night, asking for Jonah’s help. When they uncover a plot targeting the Wolves for experimentation, they must decide: Keep their secret and stay together or sacrifice their bond to save their clan?

Fun stuff


Meet Jonah Jeremy Clarke

He is the second oldest of five children and best friends with Apollo since they were 11.  Jonah is a human garbage disposal with a fear of the dark due to one mismanaged game of hide-and-go-seek (but, hey, he won), and he is tired of being boxed in by labels like ‘jock’ and ‘good boy’

Read The Space Between You and Me to see whether Jonah ever gets a clue.

Meet Apollo Reid Tormey

He is Jonah’s Kindred, giving them both forbidden, underage magic. He is addicted to holding magic, is always cold, and likes to be around people, though he always feels like an outsider.

He is an expert at NOT dealing with the fall out of kissing Jonah six months ago, leading to their bestie breakup.

Meet Madeline (Maddie) Ruth Clarke

She is Jonah’s eldest sister in The Space Between You and Me with big Hermione Granger (leviOsa not levioSA) vibes. She can’t throw magic yet, but she’s got mad intellect. She’s a fan of being cozy and shutting herself in her room for 16 hours of the day, working on her thesis.

Let’s face it, these boys would fall apart without her.

For free bookish swag and to read the first 99 pages of The Space Between You and Me, visit her website at, where you can sign up for her newsletter.


Instagram: @shleybdavis

Twitter: @shleybdavis


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