The “Pitch Your Pants Off” Challenge

Barry and I have, besides working on our new podcast, created a writing pitch challenge.

There are so many moving pieces to a career in writing that it can be overwhelming. Which path to take? Where to start?

We asked ourselves just that as we put this challenge together.

And we decided that it starts with the publication of smaller pieces, for so many reasons.

To build confidence. To share your work in small doses. To establish your name. To get experience and credits. To let people see who you really are, no matter how scary that might be. To get paid. To get feedback.

On and on.

I had so much fun designing these pitching materials. I created the submission tracker that I wanted. I don’t know why they are always so ugly and rigid, LOL. I may be biased, but ours is not. I created a checklist of all of the things to keep in mind before, during, and after pitching. I think it’s pretty useful if I do say so myself. And lastly, I came up with a calendar of querying tips and quotes.

I can’t wait to see how many stories, poems, essays, and more get accepted for publication over the next six weeks.

Let the pitching begin!

Here’s the link.

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