Baby Steps…

I’m being “serenaded” by my hubby’s band which is practicing downstairs right now. Damn, are they good! Just now they played “I Want You to Want Me” by Cheap Trick. Mission Accomplished! (Hubby sang lead on that, BTW, just so you’re not scandalized.)

Okay, that had to be said. It’s hard to focus on the task at hand while I’m hearing that fluid lead flaming off a guitar, the snap of the snare drum, and the plunk of those rich bass notes.

Anyway…When I find something helpful, I love to pass it along. So here’s this: I’m working with a mindset coach right now. Gasp! Did you know there was such a thing? Neither did I until a few months ago. When I found myself stuck, unable to move forward on a (non-writing) project and I also learned a person with whom I feel simpatico was becoming a mindset coach, I gladly signed up.

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We initially talked about how to balance my schedule so I can write, work, and take on this new project. She suggested I listen to this episode of UFYB, the Pleasure First Principle. WARNING: THIS EPISODE IS NOT SAFE FOR WORK! The gist of it is, put the things you WANT to do on your calendar FIRST! Then DO THEM!

My coach and I determined pretty easily that writing should go on my schedule first. So, voila! I can’t say I’ve kept every writing appointment with myself, but at least I’m writing more, and that’s the point. She and I are meeting via Zoom weekly and she’s asking me my progress on not only my project, but my writing and other goals. I find myself rushing to finish up what I’ve said I would do before our next call so I don’t “disappoint” her. It’s been so useful. She calls me on my excuses and challenges me to rise to what I say I want to accomplish. She helps me past my fears and self-flagellation for my mistakes, missteps, and wasted time.

If you’re feeling unable to move forward with something you say you really, really want to do, maybe you should consider a coach, or maybe just schedule an appointment with yourself to identify and complete one baby step.

For me, that meant breaking my project down into small parts and assigning tasks to myself in ASANA. It’s a lot easier to complete a task such as “Write a list of five things about (….)” than it is to ask yourself to complete it all in a day.

I feel better for the progress I’ve made. More soon on that front.

Oh, and now Hubby’s playing the blazing lead from Van Halen’s version of “You Really Got Me.” Have mercy!

Let me know if you need a nudge in the right direction. I’m not a mindset coach, but I can at least cheer you on. Go, us!

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3 thoughts on “Baby Steps…

  1. SelmaMartin says:

    Go you! You’ve taken just the step you needed in hiring a ‘coach’ I have confidence all will go in the right direction. Keep at it, my lovely. All the best. Sending you blessings.
    Love this post. Thank you. XoXo

    1. dremadrudge says:

      Aw, thanks, Selma! You’re the best. I appreciate you! Yes, slow and steady over here…it’s a busy holiday weekend, but I’m going to be right back at it come Tuesday! Be well, my friend. 💐💐

      1. SelmaMartin says:

        I bless you and am celebrating your baby steps. Keeping you accountable too to stay the course. Have a splendid holiday weekend. Blessings. 👏

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