Growing Up “Laura”

Over on Grace Augustine’s blog today I talk about what it was like growing up in West Virginia with parents who were Little House fans. It was fun to take a slow stroll back through the years to hillsides of trilliums and blackberries. Thanks, Grace!

So, it’s a holiday weekend that many celebrate, but most of the ways we celebrate are out this year. How are we all doing? I’m making sausage pancakes today in part to honor the occasion, in part because IHOP keeps sending me tantalizing emails, and in part because my dad used to make them. (Read my guest blog post above.)

In addition, Hubby and I are watching totally random YouTube videos today. I’m such a true crime mystery person, and last night I stumbled upon an unsolved case that I told Barry all about this morning while he made us coffee. We decided to watch the video together because it’s set, sadly, at our favorite Indiana landmark. That led from one video into another…

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