Breaking News: Inside Edition Features Power of Gratitude TONIGHT!

So Deborah Norville tweeted this awesomeness at me this afternoon:  

Need I say how excited I am that this Chicken Soup for the Soul book, the Power of Gratitude, is being featured tonight on Inside Edition? 

The vivacious Deborah Norville and the incomparable Amy Newmark have put together this hope-filled collection. Again, I am thrilled to be included. The world can always use reminders to be grateful, because there is always something to be grateful for. 

I doubt my story will be referenced, but still. I am pumped! 

Please watch this evening and buy the book if you could use another bowl of Chicken Soup. 


2 thoughts on “Breaking News: Inside Edition Features Power of Gratitude TONIGHT!

  1. bonnieomerjohnson says:

    This was great, Drema. Congratulations on finding a place in the book and for the book’s feature on Inside Edition, which I rarely watch, but I like Deborah Norville, and thought she did a great job giving the book some publicity! You ROCK! I watched the whole show.

    Hope you and Barry are well.

    Love and blessings, Bonnie

    1. dremadrudge says:

      Aw…thanks, Bonnie. So sweet of you to watch. What an honor to know my story is one of 101 stories touching people’s lives. And Deborah did do a great job, I agree. Happy Weekend! XOXO.

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