My Biggest Writing News Yet!

I know, I’ve been totally obnoxious on Facebook and Twitter by hinting and not spilling my news, and I (sort of ) want to apologize for that.  But not entirely.  Don’t you sometimes just want to bask in the joy of the moment, just take it in?

For me, it was more the incredulity I was feeling than trying to be a tease, I promise.

Did you notice I haven’t told you the news yet? 🙂 Read on!

Back story required here:

I have written for the Chicken Soup for the Soul anthology series for several years now, as some of you know.  Recently I wrote a story for an upcoming CS — the Readers Choice 20th Anniversary Edition — the Chicken Soup for the Soul Stories that Changed Your Lives.  

Wednesday night while at work I received an email from CS, and by the subject line  I assumed I was being informed that my story was being accepted.  I wasn’t.

I read the email, grabbed my phone, ran down two flights of steps and out the door to try to find a private spot to call my husband where I quickly sobbed out my news and headed back upstairs to teach, not saying a thing to anyone else.

I LOVE getting stories accepted by CS, so when I tell you my news is even better than getting a story accepted, believe me.

What?  You’ve already figured out my news?  Yes, detectives, one of MY STORIES was chosen as one of the best in the past twenty years! My original story coupled with a story from a reader who was affected by it will be published in the collection! (I know, I have totally run out of my allowed use of exclamation points in this post, but I don’t care!)

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Reader's Choice 20th Anniversary Edition: The Chicken Soup for the Soul Stories that Changed Your Lives

My story originally appeared in Count Your Blessings and it was called “Never So Poor That You Have Nothing to Give.”  I was at a new job and was more than a little enamored of it when I wrote the story.  (Don’t get me wrong — I still love my job!)  I have always admired how generous my students are when I know many of them do not have the money to give.  A few months ago a student brought me a CD he had made himself, and I have often received Christmas gifts from students I knew couldn’t afford it. One student worked at a second hand store and she would bring in clothes she thought I might like.  I have had birthday cakes baked for me, candy given me, and cards made just for me.  Every gift touches me deeply and causes me to ask myself if I have more to give, but not just monetary gifts.  Can I be just a bit more patient, a bit more present?  Can I spend just a little more time on lessons geared towards not only the students’ need but their interests?

That spills out into the rest of my life as well.  Is it possible to give more of my time to my family, my community?

To think that perhaps I have helped someone else become a bit more generous makes me glow.  I am humbled.  I am honored.  I am thrilled.  Yes, it truly took me a couple of days to process this, and while I wouldn’t say I feel worthy, I am feeling deeply satisfied.  This is why I write.  And I cannot WAIT to read the story by the reader who wrote in about my story.

Note: I don’t get any money from this whatsoever, so please don’t think I am trying to sell you something, but if you are interested in pre-ordering the book, you may do so here:

4 thoughts on “My Biggest Writing News Yet!

  1. Ruth Finney says:

    Congratulations Dreama .I think the things we remember in life are the things people taught us and the love that they give us. These things stay with us forever. I bet you are one of those teachers that make a difference.

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