The Inaugural Edition of Penumbra — Featuring a Story by Yours Truly

Here is a link to the inaugural edition of Penumbra, a Madrid-based literary magazine:

If you “flip” to pages 18 and 19, you will see a story by yours truly. It is a quirky little ekphrastic tale, though you can’t tell it: I wrote it during a Creative Writing course in college. The assignment was to choose a photo and write a story based on it. I wish I still had the photo, although I do remember what it looked like: an oppressed-looking woman held a baby while surrounded by a passel of children. Her eyes drooped and she looked unkempt. I asked myself what her story was as I stared carefully at a red mark around her wrist, and the story grew from that. I have always been fond of the story, and I’m grateful it has found a home, especially today. What an unexpected holiday treat for me.

The whole magazine is well worth a read. I hope you’ll take a look at it.



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