Victorine Visuals

Here’s a photo album, if you will, of many of the portraits and paintings painted of Victorine Meurent. Altogether, there are over 30 known paintings of her. I couldn’t cover all of them in my novel, but am adding many of them here in case you’d like to see them.

One of the most exciting things about writing this book was discovering that while until 2004 it was assumed that none of her paintings had survived, at which time one of her paintings was recovered, in fact now four of her paintings have been rediscovered!

In fact, the owner of her self-portrait (Yes, we found her self-portrait, which is currently in private hands!) allowed me to use it on my book cover! We believe it’s the first time it’s ever been published.

I present to you for the first time in many years the paintings of Victorine Louise Meurent:

The slideshow below shows the paintings we know Manet used Victorine for. There are a few others where he may or may not have used her, but these are in my novel.

Dates and titles:

  1. Portrait of Victorine Meurent, 1862
  2. Street Singer, 1862
  3. Mlle. Victorine in the Costume of an Espada, 1862
  4. The Picnic, 1862
  5. Olympia, 1863
  6. Young Lady of 1866, 1866
  7. The Fifer, 1866
  8. The Guitar Player, 1866
  9. The Croquet Game, 1873
  10. The Railway, 1873

These are the paintings Manet did of Victorine.