The Writer’s Nag!

The Writer's Nag USE

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Is your 2019 goal writing success? Wondering how to write a novel when you can’t even seem to keep your resolution to drink more water? Used to call yourself a writer before life got in the way? Is one of your 2018 goals to write poems, magazine articles, or short stories?

Enter the Writer’s Nag! We’re a writer’s accountability service to remind you of your goals. Email us your weekly writing goals, and at week’s end we will write you back a personalized message asking how you did.

We do this through reflecting your stated goals back at you in an email with the occasional motivational quote, fun gif, or photo thrown in.

“We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is, knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out.”
-Ray Bradbury


Don’t worry – you won’t need to reply, but our emails will serve as a powerful reminder. Accountability is the foundation of writing success.

If you need even more accountability, you can purchase the twice-weekly option, which includes an additional midweek email from us asking if you’re making progress.

We call ourselves The Writer’s Nag, but think of us more as the writer inside your head who desperately wants to see you achieve, versus the part of you that is binge watching Netflix.

$9.99/month for one weekly reply to your goals
OR, go all in with a midweek update for $14.99. Yearly prices are also available.

This is a Writing All the Things service, so head over to to subscribe.

Please share this with your writer friends and on social media! We’re excited to help other writers meet their goals.

For more information, contact us at writingallthethings1(at)gmail(dot)com.