The Birth of Victorine

The title of this post kinda sounds like a comic book origin story special. This guest post I was honored to share over on the gracious Carol Cram’s Art in Fiction website is not that, but it does tell where the idea for Victorine came from. Please take a read if you’re curious about my novel’s birth. (And her website is awesome sauce!)

In other news, I asked Santa Barry for a stuffed lizard for Christmas. “A what?” he asked. I’m not known for admiring creepy crawlies, so it was a fair question. But I’ve been working with book marketer extraordinaire Sue Campbell of Pages & Platforms and she deals with writers’ mindset issues. Sue once brandished a plastic lizard on a call and inspired me; I knew I’d do well to have a lizard myself to talk back at when my old lizard brain tries to keep me safely in my comfort zone. (You’d be surprised at the fear that surrounds writing and marketing.)

BTW, I am taking creative license. Sue merely waved the lizard to show the mindset issue writers face. But it resonated with me.

So…presenting Reginald Dwight Drudge. The only trouble is, he’s so cute he’s hard to be stern with. He’s a cuddly fellow. But I do give him what for when he tries to keep me from reaching out to the media.

Thanks, Reggie, for being my new writing buddy!