Day 9 of the 12 Days of Victorine: A Book by Alfred Stevens!

Those of you who have read my novel Victorine know that the Belgian painter Alfred Stevens plays a significant part in the book. (I won’t give much away about that.)

It is better to give a nail’s breadth
of one’s self than an arm’s length of what belongs to others.
Alfred Stevens

What you might not know is that he wrote a volume on his philosophy of painting. I agree with some of what he says and strongly disagree with other bits, but if you want to get a better sense of him or if you want to read some inspiring quotes about art, you’ll love this. My gift to you today is this wonderful volume I uncovered online.

The information in it is presented one thought at a time with lots of whitespace for you to pause and say Selah. My kinda book. Be aware that the book is a scanned in version, so the first ten pages are blank and wrinkled, but they’re before the book proper starts, so keep scrolling; it’s worth it, I promise. Read it by downloading it below:

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