Day 1 of the 12 Days of Victorine! V’s First Christmas!

Vintage jewelry, books, and surprises…oh my! It’s Victorine’s first Christmas, and you’re invited to join in the fun!

Welcome to Day 1 of The 12 Days of Victorine! Each day from now until December 18, 2020 will bring a bonus or a giveaway.

Today’s treat for you is a podcast episode listing ten gifts for the readers and writers in your life, from my and my hubby’s podcast, Writing All the Things. We have so much fun over there.

I’m so glad you’re celebrating with me! As a thank you for being such wonderful people, I’ve done some of your shopping for you and will be giving away items right here in the coming 12 days. (But if you want to keep what you win for yourself, don’t worry, no one will know.)

I won’t tell you all of the goodies up front (think vintage! think jewelry! think artsy!), but let me say they end with a gift bundle I wouldn’t mind keeping for myself. (But I won’t, because I adore my readers and you deserve holiday fun. Especially this year.)

If you’re not on my newsletter list, go ahead and sign up so you will be eligible for the giveaways. When you do sign up, I’ll send you a free art in fiction story about another “forgotten” artist, Olga Meerson, student to Henri Matisse. (Sorry, but I can only mail giveaway items to the U.S. But there are going to be a ton of bonuses and fun links right here, not to mention that free story when you join my mailing list.) And if you’re already on my list, you’re already in on the giveaways. But I’ll love you forever if you tell your friends about this.

Check in every day to see what’s on offer. And Happy Holidays!

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