Reviewed by Paula Butterfield

Last year I discovered the talented Paula Butterfield’s exquisite La Luministe, about painter Berthe Morisot. Now I’m thrilled to say Paula has reviewed my novel. And what a lovely review it is. Stop over at Paula’s blog and take a look? Tell her I sent you. 🙂

Although Barry and I are both working from home, outside of work hours our schedules are nonexistent. I have finally mastered napping. (I’m not proud of that.) I have had some strong writing sessions lately, but am mulling the last ten pages of my current WIP once again…

So Barry has taken to making biscuits, and now I wish he’d unlearn how, because yum! If you subscribe to my newsletter, you will soon get a photo of him dotted with flour. (Sign up on most any page of my website.)

I am proud to say I am still ahead on my Goodreads goal for the year. But my eyes are rebelling reading on devices of any kind, which is sad because I have a friend’s book I really want to read and it’s on my computer. (I will read it!) I’m so happy to be flipping literal pages again, though. There’s nothing like it.

How’s it going, quarantiners? Let me know how you’re doing. While I miss seeing your faces (those in the area), at least I can “hear” you here. 😊

Be well!


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