Making an International Connection

Before all of this craziness with COVID-19, Jagrit Singh interviewed me for his awesome podcast, The International Connection. We had such a nice talk; turns out he’s a poet, and a quite good one! Please take a listen below:

TIC039: Creative Writing Essentials ft. Drema Drudge

So many thanks to Jag and best wishes for his podcast. 

I started this post yesterday, but I had a day. You know what’s the most frustrating thing about suffering from anxiety? It’s when you KNOW there’s no reason to feel that way, but you do anyway. I was kinda at the barely functional stage, I’d say the worst I’ve ever felt, though I did manage to make it through a couple of work Zoom calls and work-related tasks regardless. Afterwards, I curled up in a living room chair and finished reading a book. (I’m totally ahead of my Goodreads goal, so there’s that.) A shout out to my dear heart for covering dinner for us. 

As often happens the day after a particularly bad episode, I’m slow moving today, though I feel positively upbeat and productive by comparison. I’m even grooving to the Prince album Hubby is playing in the background. Instead of rushing through the day’s list (you know I’m a list maker, right?), I’m taking it one task at a time to make up for my sluggishness. 

One particularly exciting yet potentially anxiety-producing task today involved making a phone call, so I made a list of questions first and took it line by line, from goal post to goal post. Now all I need to do now is drop off a check and I’m done. Yippee! 

I hope this isn’t TMI, all of this anxiety talk, but I happen to know that so many of my writing friends (and so many others) suffer from this, and that these uncertain times can trigger it. (Mine’s self-diagnosed, but very real.) 

stay at home on a smartphome screen display
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DH and I had planned to record lots of bonus episodes for our Writing All the Things podcast, but we’ve both suffered from sore throats and voice overuse between us off and on. We hope to get back to that soon so we can at least contribute that.

Whether you’re a regular sufferer of anxiety or not, we’re all out of our comfort zones to some degree these days. Let’s be patient with ourselves.

Warm Wishes,




One thought on “Making an International Connection

  1. Honest, stellar…as always! This is a good series of connection points with others who might be going through similar things.

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