Victorine Interview with Stephanie Storey!

Y’all, I have been negligent, and I can only blame Raphael, Stephanie Storey’s latest creation which just came out Tuesday for my oversight. I’m more than halfway through, and do yourselves a favor — go get it NOW! (While I understand that getting a physical copy may take some time due to the world’s current shipping issues, no one is saying you can’t, say, buy a physical copy and while you wait for it, download the Kindle version too. Not that I’ve done that, cough, cough.)

This, however, isn’t a review of that fine, fine book by the author of the celebrated Oil and Marble, which is being made into a movie, by the way! If you haven’t read her first novel, buy that as well. If you love art, especially Italian art (wait, is that redundant?), and if you practically swoon at the name Michelangelo as I do, read it. Read it again, especially that bit about the unpolished top of the head of The David. #Lush!

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that this generous author interviewed me for her blog and posted it the day before her own second novel was released!  Such generosity of spirit, such art-in-fiction camaraderie, considering I well know the unending list of pre-launch tasks, and that an author of her stature would feature me on her website, well, caused me to shed more than a few happy tears.

Would you like to read the interview with her thoughtful questions? Please do! As for me, I have some more reading to do…shhh! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Victorine Interview with Stephanie Storey!

  1. As always, lovely! I’m glad to have the Stephanie Storey novels at my fingertips…and what a fun interview!

    1. Thanks, darling man. And yes, as soon as I’M finished with Raphael, you may have your turn, LOL. But Oil and Marble is (temporarily) available. I say temporarily because I can see me re-reading it soon. 🙂

  2. The colors on that cover are beautiful! I must admit, you’ve got me wanting to write a story with art. Well, you and also Maggie Stiefvater’s latest, Call Down the Hawk, and also Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch *sigh*. I love art so much I am surprised I have not yet written about it. Now, off the read this interview!

    1. If I’ve accomplished that, then total mission accomplished. LOL. I agree that the cover is just gorgeous. I have not read Call Down the Hawk yet; I’ll have to do that. Watch out, or you’ll become an art in fiction lover as much as I am. LOL. Have a great weekend, Ashley! 😊

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