Victorine Visits Zoe’s Art Today

Many thanks to Zoe’s Art for featuring my novel today! You’re the best.

I’m hoping to finish reading The Ambassadors today. I must admit, it felt a little slow in the middle. I’m nearly to page 300 now, with about 60 to go, and something has just occurred that has perked my ears up.

Victorine as the Street Singer by Manet

Hubby and I set our 20 for 20 goals at the beginning of the year. Well, I set mine and I asked if we could have a together one. Our goal was to get together/go out with/have people over 20 times this year. Well, that now seems laughable. We did manage to get in, I think, five before all of this, so yay for front loading.

Isn’t it ironic that the year you plan to be intentional about socializing is the year, well, the universe laughs and introduces you to social distancing? Not that Barry and I don’t enjoy being with others, but we enjoy one another’s company so much and we have so many creative pursuits that boredom is not a word we’re familiar with.

What plans of yours has COVID-19 stomped on thus far? It’s all fine and well to be thankful for our remaining blessings, but it’s also okay to mourn or just be pissed.

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