Today’s Stop: Manet and Fashion

Right this way to today’s stop: The String’s the Thing: Manet and Fashion.

Many thanks to Deborah Swift for hosting me over on her blog this morning. Today’s stop offers Manet and Fashion: the String’s the Thing. If you notice, in many of the paintings Manet does of Victorine, she wears a black choker. I’ll let you go over to Deborah’s site to learn more about my thoughts on this.

Observe the string/choker here Manet paints onto Victorine.

How are we doing? It occurs to me that this pandemic is the perfect time to journal about how life is going, how life has changed, and our thoughts and feelings about it all. Not only will it be a way to express ourselves, but it can also be a record for the future.

Sure, we’re all recording our thoughts and experiences on social media, but what if someday those particular forms of social media no longer exists? Just a thought. Stay well! And feel free to share your observations on current life here.

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