Who Needs a Read? Here Ya Go!

Many thanks to the kind-hearted Judith for hosting an excerpt of my novel over on her blog today during this latest stop on my blog tour. I’d be honored if you’d checked it out.


In other news, yesterday wasn’t so great. It started with bad news about a family member, followed by an announcement that my favorite coffeehouse is closing for at least a week. That place has been the last semblance of normalcy in my life, and I had tears in my eyes when I read the post to hubby.

Add in miscommunications, lost mail, unmerited snarky emailed responses, my headache of two days, sore throat…and rain. There was more to the “how to fashion a bad day” recipe, but isn’t that enough?

I reached out. I told my friends on social media how I was feeling. I told the hubby first and foremost, I should say, and claimed more of his sympathy and time than I had a right to. To cope, I rescheduled everything I could. I read. I watched Tiger King (IKR!). And I ate free fudge.

Sure, I could’ve kept up a brave face knowing a good night’s sleep and a good read would eventually help, even if it wouldn’t change what had come before. And it has. My head still hurts, but I’ve processed most of yesterday.

But had I not told others how I was feeling, I wouldn’t have received their kind comments and texts, their show of friendship. A reader over on Twitter shared that she’s immersed in my novel and really enjoying it. I needed to hear that!

It’s not as if I share my bad day every time I have one. I seldom if ever do that, but right now we must. We must collectively be vulnerable. We must gather around one another, even if it’s just for a moment.

Sure, having a favorite coffeehouse close sounds like a first world problem, but what if that’s the place you’ve written parts of your one and a half books? It’s more than just a place to get a pot of tea to me! It’s an extension of my house. I meet up with my friends there; hell, the baristas are my friends as well!

And that thing at the beginning of my post that I yada-yada’ed over, that was nothing small and it’s not going away any time soon. But we all have such moments and we can be there for each other. That’s one of the beautiful things about this moment.

Be ye well! And if we’re up to it, let’s be there for someone having a worse day than us today. (But sitting in your pj’s eating fudge is perfectly acceptable, too, if needed. I’ll let you know where I’ve landed once the ibuprofen has kicked in.)

A photo of Victorine from one of Manet’s albums.

4 thoughts on “Who Needs a Read? Here Ya Go!

  1. I’m sorry for your bad day, Drema. I totally understand the resistance to share those days/feelings with anyone (however, by holding them in, I unload them all over my writer friend’s blog 😅).

    Amazing how the artist transforms Victorine and gives her an inner light and playfulness the photographer can’t quite catch.

    1. Always so happy to have you stop by, Ashley. I’m glad bad days come and go. I think we’ve all had our share right now!

      I agree that the artist captures something inexpressible by the camera!

    1. Aw…you da bestest!! Can’t wait to get back to your book. Alas, Henry James has come between us as I forgot a commitment to an online book discussion!

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