Bright Spots During Uncertain Times

Hubby and I started the morning out watching our church’s Sunday worship service stream live on YouTube. While it was lovely to hear a few of our friends lift their voices together, and so comforting to hear our pastor’s familiar cadence, it wasn’t the same as being there. But it was something, especially since I’m not particularly good at making it to church every Sunday anyway. Our church not holding a service in the building for all, however, felt strange and sad.

As so many others have had, I’ve had many of my in-person events postponed. As a debut author whose book comes out March 17, it’s disappointing. However, when I reached out to book folks on social media to explain my situation, so many bloggers and podcasters have come to my aid! I already had a nice roster for my book tour ready under my events page, but these others offered to help spread the word even further. My heart is full. I hope you don’t mind if I share their lovely gestures in the coming days.

First up, today brought the publication of my op-ed piece on Victorine in the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette! I had no idea it would take up the page! I’m so honored.

Then the fabulous author Kellie Butler posted an excerpt of Victorine over on her blog. A huge thanks to Kellie! I hope you’ll go take a read.

These are, indeed, trying times. But let’s look for the bright spots. The sun came out today, While the drug store didn’t have regular thermometers, it did have plenty of newspapers. Let’s be patient. Let’s be as loving and kind as we can bear to be. And let’s read!

If you need an ear, I’m here. Writer, if you need a shoutout, just say so.

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