In Training: Again!


Yes, I am publicly admitting that I am training for another half marathon. I have until September to work myself back up to being able to run 13.1 miles. Right now I could probably only do half of that. I hope to shame motivate myself by sharing my goal here.

My still-winter-weighted body kinda hates me right now, but I’m going to convince it that it will feel so much better when it lets go of the excess weight, stops the eye rolling and just runs already! Of course every pound I lose will make it easier to run. Win-win.

I need to have a goal to work towards, and so the Fort4Fitness half is perfect for me. (Don’t tell anyone but I miss my long runs. This is a great excuse to work back up to them.)

Finally my leg feels better (I injured it last fall) and my pace is slowly getting back to where it was. I look forward to the day again soon when a ten miler feels just right, even if it does leave me scrambling for new terrain to visit in our small town.

Actually, I am on week four of my training schedule, but my pride hurts because I am doing the beginner’s level still which has me walking one day, running the next. At least I can run again!

Tomorrow I am set to do a paltry two miles. I don’t know if I can keep to that. Maybe I can sneak in an extra mile or two? I’ll keep you posted.


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